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Jet Charter 

Business Aircraft Charter

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Chartering an aircraft for business purposes  has never been so simple. Our team are able to guide you on demand through the process to be sure that your journey with us is seamless from take off to landing. Chartering an aircraft allows your executives to orchestrate the time-table, no longer subject to the timetable of airline travel. The benefits of private travel are security, crews and aircraft used by Velocity Aviation Services are certified to strict regulations.  You can be productive whilst on board your private aircraft by transforming the aircraft into your airborne office. Flying private is time saving at its best, as you arrive at your jet minutes prior to departure. 





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Leisure Aircraft Charter  

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Chartering an aircraft for leisure is simple with Velocity Aviation Services ltd, tell us any event you wish to attend, wether it be The Masters at Augusta, the Gold Cup at Cheltenham or the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, we will provide our services to get you there stress free. Flying private makes it so much easier and enjoyable, you will gain the control to fly in and leave at your discretion. Velocity Aviation Services Ltd can arrange family holidays to anywhere on the globe, Our flights can land you in the tropical Islands of Thailand or the snow covered alps of Switzerland. 

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Ski holidays

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Get In Contact With Velocity Aviation Services Ltd to discuss your journey, either fill the form below or contact us via email on or telephone at +44 (0)161 672 5185



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