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Helicopter Charter

Off Airport 

Helicopters can operate into confined areas such as private gardens therefore foregoing the need for any further transport and land at venues, such as, horse racing circuits.


Our helicopter charters are fully private so you share the aircraft with just your pilot. Your aircraft is available for your sole use meaning the timings are fully in your hands and the destination can change on demand. 


Flying with speeds up to 200 mph direct to your destination means that you are able to spend more time in the meeting and be home on time. There's no rush hour in the sky!

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Flights Suitable for Private helicopter Charter usage

Horse Race

Horse Races

Wedding Ceremony


Golf player walking


City Skyline

Central City Locations 

Get In Contact With Velocity Aviation Services Ltd to discuss your journey, either fill the form below or contact us via email at or telephone on +44 (0)161 672 5185



Thankyou for submitting your Enquiry with Velocity Aviation Services, one of our team will recieve your enquiry and we will be back in touch very soon.
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Why charter a Helicopter?

Need to travel domestically within the UK? need to land close to a meeting building or venue, helicopter charter is the perfect solution. With the ability to land almost anywhere, helicopters can get you from A-B swiftly and stress free.  Chartering a helicopter allows you to travel with no delays nationwide from door to door. Our helicopters can pick you up from private gardens, hotels or small local airports and transport you to where you need to be safely, privately and promptly. Helicopters are perfect for shorter trips be that inter-city for instance London - Manchester in 1 hour. Helicopters come into their own category  when traveling into remote locations such as countryside hotels. We will be more than happy to pick up the phone to discuss your requirements, contact one of our team on  0161-672-5185

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