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Ferry Pilots
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Looking to gain a new aircraft but it is in an overseas location? Or perhaps you don't have the time to ferry your aircraft to its new home? Well, no problem here at VAS we offer ferry services to all our clients when needed, this via our world class partner company, The Ferry Pilots. 

Ferry Pilots

"We are a team of professional pilots based in the United Kingdom, USA, South Africa and around Europe available to ferry aeroplanes and helicopters.

We can also arrange international shipping of your aircraft

Our team of airline and corporate pilots are enthusiastic general aviation pilots too with years of experience instructing, ferrying and operating aircraft around the world. Whatever your mission and aircraft we have the professional pilots for the job".

What we can ferry:

Single Engine Piston

Warbirds and Tailwheel Aircraft

Multi-engine Piston

King Air and various turboprop aircraft

De Havilland Canada Dash 8 Series

Embraer E-Jet Family

Airbus A320 family

Boeing 737-(300-900)

Boeing 777-200/300

Boeing 747-400



  • All our pilots have ATPL/ATP and over 4000 hours

  • We have instructors and examiners able to carry out conversion training for new owners on delivery and during the ferry flight. 

  • We have access to a worldwide network of staff travel lowering our positioning costs

  • We have our own aircraft for more local positioning reducing travel costs and time

  • Not a one man band like lots of ferry pilot operators so great availability and experience over a wide range of aircraft.  

  • Aircraft tracking

  • Pilot only quotes or complete quotes for the whole ferry

  • Our experience means we can be insured for less  

For more info visit the Ferry Pilots website.

Ferry Pilots
Ferry Pilots
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If you are looking for this service alone and not looking to purchase an aircraft, contact the ferry pilots at

Ferry Pilots
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