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VAS changes-2_edited.png
VAS changes-2_edited.png


A very rare opportunity to own this perfect Murdy CAP-10C, Carbon wing with a new paint scheme and new dashboard in 2019.  

Amazing aerobatic, safe and secure cross country aeroplane. 

The aircraft has been handled with extreme care and attention, always hangared with a cover also for the fuselage, prop and engine.

Airframe TT: 8590,30hrs;  390hrs  since last GV  

NEW C wing installed  in march 2003, TT 1400hrs, remaining 

5200hrs, Max load recorded +5.2  -3.3G since installation.​

Engine: Lycoming AEIO-360-B2F 180HP, HSO: 7hrs (actually 

break-in is in progress) TBO 1600hrs for school, TBO 1920hrs for 

private use; engine overhauled in March 2021. All docs and EASA 

Form 1 available. 

Alternator, starter, magnetos, servo fuel and divider overhauled, 

total time 7hrs since OH in march 2021 

Electrical fuel pump TT 117hrs55’, overhauled in 2019​

Propeller: NEW EVRA p/n 180/170/H5I ,Total Time 7hrs, NEW in 

march 2021; TBO does not exists; prop is on condition​

Removable Smoke System, manufactured by 

“” with 2 injectors, 21 total litres, complete 

electrical system and breakers, switches on dashboard and 


All oil and fuel hoses NEW in march 2021, remaining 10 years. 

Front tank support straps (SB040102R1) total time 500hrs, 

remaining 1500hrs 

New rudder cables in 2016. 

New tail wheel shock absorber in 2018 

New brake discs in 2016 

New engine baffles in march 2021 5

New inverted fuel valve in October 2021​

Annual and ARC renewed  the 25 of may 2021 

Exclusive maintenance performed by EASA Part 145 - Max 

Aviation IT.MG.1019 on Viterbo airport (LIRV) since 2014; 

All ADs, SBs made; all logbooks available; flight manual at last 

revision; all work reports available, also in digital format; Cardex 

on request. 

ARC valid until 28 May 2022. 

Load factors +6  -4,5 G. 

Frontal tank for aerobatics 72 litres, almost 2 hrs of flight; long 

range rear tank 80 litres, total 152 litres with 4 hrs of endurance. 

Engine overhauled by Aero Engine Italy IT.1450111 (Brescia) and 

3hrs of Test Bench performed before delivery; test bench report 

available; engine parts list installed is available; all parts are 

original Lycoming. ​

The peculiarity of this CAP10C is the incredible conditions of life, 

every little detail is well kept, in a extraordinary way and this plane 

is perfect for Flight Schools or private use.  

Nothing to do for many many years on airframe, prop and engine. 

The plane is currently flown, so flight hours could lower a little bit 

in the next weeks.​

To arrange a viewing or for any more questions please get in touch by email  

VAS changes-2_edited.png


Interior - 9.5 amazing, like a airplane with a few years of life, leather seat like new, perfect airframe; New cockpit dashboard installed in 


Exterior - 9.5 new paint White/Blue and Red stripes in 2019, the stickers are removable in 30 minutes 


Radio: TRIG TY91 (New - Installed Jan 2018)​

XPR mode S: TRIG TT21 (New - Installed Jan-18)​

GPS: Garmin 495 (New - Installed Jan-18)​

Digital Clock (New - Installed Jan-18)​

USB charge (New - Installed Jan-18) 

G-Meter: PGM 1212 with Galvanometer (New - Installed Jun-15) 

+ Original Mechanical gauge​

RPM / Pressure Manifold / Fuel Flow / Oil Temp / Oil Pressure / 

Cyl. Temperature / Battery charge Gauge​

Fuel Gauge (Fwd and aft tank) 


Two parachutes, National Canopy and engine cover 

Many spare parts included 

Christen inverted Oil system 7hrs since OH in march 2021 

New brakes oil Aeroshell 4 in march 2021 

New battery in September 2020 

Oil cooler Harrison overhauled in march 2021 

NEW engine shock absorber Barry p/n 94150-01 

Engine mount overhauled and painted in march 2021 

Engine anti-corrosion treatment 

VAS changes-2_edited.png
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