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Velocity Aviation Services Ltd pride ourselves as a Brokerage of charter, we are not an operator. This means we have access to a fleet of thousands of aircraft, ranging from helicopters to ultra long range business jets. Thus, We can cater to any request provided.  

All requests received are dealt with unmatched personal service. We will use our knowledge, network and database to reach all requirements. We will go to that extra level for you. Response time will be unmatched and every request will be dealt with the same level of priority. 

Safety is are main value, so we only chose Wyvern Safety registered charter operators, providing you with a peace of mind that you are in safe hands, we will go the extra mile to provide safe flight, researching and analysing the charter companies regulations and fleet of aircraft. . 

Benefits of flying private with Velocity Aviation Services Ltd. 

  • Prompt: Turn up at the private terminal with your aircraft already powered up and ready to go! Saving you plenty of time prior to the flight. 

  • Productive: Turn your charter aircraft into your airborne operations centre! Private jets are often fitted with WiFI and satellite phone calls, turning them into your office for the duration of your flight.   

  • Private: FBO's/private terminals provide you with unmatched privacy, they are located away from airport terminals full of queues. you can arrive and enjoy your own space.  

  • Secure: The Aviation world is always under strict scrutiny from its safety and regulations bodies, you can be sure that you will be flying on a certified aircraft, with regular checked flight crew and maintenance history documents. 

  • Dynamic:  Business aircraft have the ability to land at smaller airports than commercial airliners which may be closer to your final destination this reducing your travel time significantly. 

  • Choice:When flying privately, you chose everything. From the time of departure to the food and drinks aboard the aircraft. The aircraft is all yours for your time of travel. 

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Business Charter

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Leisure Charter

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Empty Legs

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Helicopter Charter

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